Chef and Brigate

Here we are
to welcome you

Brigade or team? We usually call ourselves “Those of the 12”. Andrea Nizzi, the chef and patron of the already well-known Ristorante 12 Monaci, chooses Alessandra, Matteo and Rrahman to lead the restaurant that stands in the largest bamboo labyrinth in the world. Matteo supports Andrea and manages the kitchen by his side, Rrahman masterfully takes care of the restaurant and Alessandra welcomes you in our bistro.

The Chef

Andrea Nizzi

Chef Andrea Nizzi is father of five children together with wife Letizia with whom he manages the 12 Monaci Restaurant in Fontevivo and who occasionally appears in difficult moments even at the Labyrinth. The only thing that gets away from catering is the passion for rugby. From 12 Monaci Restaurant to the world’s largest bamboo labyrinth, never tame – … or tamed? – he says he still has a long way to go after his second restaurant.

The other Chef

Matteo Ricci

The good giant and the “indigenous” of the group, his house is just a few kilometres away and knows like his pockets our lowland and what it offers.

The Sommelier - Waiter

Rrahaman Marina

The rugby player lent with success, grace and elegance to the world of catering and hospitality winks at the vast metaverse of wines … important red or bubble?

The Bartender - Waitress

Alessandra Adorni

The undisputed princess of the Bistro. Freshness, smile and youth, what more could you ask for? The youngest and only woman in the group is for sure weel respected and no one can say no.